Opening Day 2017

To Apple Lovers – and all others!


The 2017 apple season is just around the corner with the first variety of apples (Duchess) picked and in the cold room.  Although the apple crop is smaller this year due to the weather,we do still have a good amount of fruit on the trees.  Opening day is scheduled to be the day after Labor Day, Tuesday, September 5.


We have added a couple of new products again this year for customers enjoyment – chocolate covered rice krispie treats and a mini donut bar where you can add your own choice of toppings.

Apple Butter Day is planned for Saturday, October 7 and we are expecting a good crowd.  If you like to “ stir things up”, please come out and help stir the pot.


This year we will have a “box of sox” donation to a charity in the community.  If you bring in a new pair of sox, you will be given a free donut!!  At the end of the season, the box of sox will be delivered to a charity in the Midland area.


We are looking forward to seeing everyone and hearing how your year has been!  Until then, please pray for good weather for Apple Butter Day.  See you then – or before!


Bill and Pat Kuehne

And the Orchard Supervisor – Missy, the black cat!

Apple Blossom Orchard

2581 Wilder Rd.

Midland, MI 48642


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